WheelSafe has been developed due to the high occurrence of truck wheel theft in South Africa. The accompanying cost of replacement of stolen wheels and tyres, operational standing time and potential damage to equipment and risk of injury and life due to the modus operandi of wheel thieves, makes the WheelSafe range of protective equipment the best solution as an anti-wheel theft and anti-wheel nut tampering system.


WheelSafe is a precision manufactured steel devise that protects both the wheel nuts and safety nuts when fitted to the wheel. The safety nuts used in the standard system has an outer nut cover that operates independently from the safety nut. This make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to loosen the safety nut. The WheelSafe devise, into which the safety nut fit, has a static, protected sleeve to prevent any access to the safety nut from the outside. The safety nut system employed with the WheelSafe system is uniquely coded for each customer. Standard wheel nut torque can be applied.
WheelSafe sleeve slotting can accommodate an individually numbered seal that can be added to the system whereby personnel in charge of tyre changes and management can apply and obtain a full trail of wheel and tyre replacement and a log of all repairs and maintenance done


  •  Truck wheel theft prevention system and deterrent to would be thieves

  •  Prevent standing time due to wheel theft or tampering

  •  A wheel and tyre management system that provides the fleet owner/manager with full accountability of tyre replacements as well as tyre and wheel R&M

  •  Highly visible - Any attempted tampering will be immediately visible to the driver during pre-start inspection – wheel nut tampering without WheelSafe system is very difficult to detect unless all nuts are torqued prior to each operation.

  •  Routine wheel nut torque programs are easily implemented, reducing the risk of negligence from personnel claiming R&M was done correctly – Numbered seal system provides accountability of R&M done.

  •  Ease of fitment – Remove two wheel nuts on opposite sides and fit WheelSafe system

  •  Re-Use when vehicle is sold – Re-usable on all same sized wheels, irrespective of hub size